martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

Features - wallabag

Wallabag es un clon libre de Pocket , Instapaper o Send to Kindle:

  • wallabag is free and open source. Forever.
  • No time to read? Save a link in your wallabag to read it later
  • Read the saved articles in a comfortable view: the content, only the content. Get rid of the ads and menus.
  • Save all the content: text and pictures
  • You can easily migrate from other proprietary services : welcome to
    you, Pocket / Readability or Instapaper users! Also, you can import *
    your browser bookmarks.
  • You like an article? There's many ways to share it, featuring email, twitter or shaarli
  • Because we are increasingly mobile, the wallabag interface fits all your devices
  • Saving a link is so easy because we provide you with many tools:
    extensions for Chrome and Firefox, iOS, Android, Firefox OS and Windows
    Phone application, a bookmarklet, a simple field in your config webpage
  • RSS feeds allow you to read your saved links in your RSS aggregator
  • You have an e-reader? wallabag can export all kind of entries to ePub, Mobi & PDF formats.
  • You can set as many tags you like to your entries
  • It is possible to search through title and content of articles
  • wallabag is multilingual: french, english, spanish, german, italian, russian, persian, czech, polish, ukrainian and slovenian
  • Keyboard shortcuts ! Lots of them !
  • You’re not the only one at home to use wallabag? that’s fine, wallabag is multi-user
  • Prefer a dark template? Perfect, many templates are available in the configuration screen
  • Many storage systems allowed: sqlite, mysql and postgresql
  • Scroll position is saved: when you return to an article, you come back where you were. So convenient!
  • You can flattr flattrable articles directly from your wallabag
  • You want to retrieve your wallabag data? Hey, remember, wallabag is open source, you can export it
Features - wallabag

viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015 Platform 12.1: Improvements, Localizations, Bug Fixes, and Moving Forward | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives

Platform Features

As always, the Platform is packed with great features like:

  • Automatic App Closing - Closing down and getting
    going is easier than ever with the platform automatically (and safely)
    closing your running portable apps and letting you know which ones need
    to be closed before you eject and finish syncing your cloud drive. Luthfi Harahap was kind enough to re-license some of his code to help with this feature
  • Awesome Themes - The modern default theme matches
    well with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 and all your favorite
    classic themes are included as well.
  • Cascading Tray App Menu - Get quick access to all your apps with a right click in the system tray
  • Always-Ready Search - The app search box is always
    visible and ready by default, so you can open the platform - possibly
    with the CTRL-ALT-SPACE hotkey - and just start typing to launch your
    favorite app. You can even search in app descriptions if you'd like by
    ticking a box in Options
  • Proxy Support - The connections tab in Options lets you automatically or manually configure the platform to work with your internet proxy
  • Full Featured Installer - The Platform installer can detect and install to your portable devices, synced cloud directories, local machine, and more
  • Fast Updater / App Store - Quickly check for updates to your existing apps and find new ones by name, category, release date, and more
  • Eject or Power Off - For local users, the eject
    button automatically switches to a shutdown/restart/log off button,
    bringing up the Windows prompt to select your choice. You can also
    right-click on the button to select to show either eject or
    shutdown/restart/log off.
  • Portable Fonts - Take all your fonts with you and use them in all your portable apps
  • Organize Your Apps Your Way - Use the default of
    favorites and most used apps with all apps by category on the second
    page or switch it up by selecting alphabetical apps, categories and
    favorites by default, and other options
  • All the fixes and features are details in the Platform Changelog Platform 12.1: Improvements, Localizations, Bug Fixes, and Moving Forward | - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives