martes, 22 de mayo de 2007

Manual libro sobre Drupal "Pro Drupal Development"

Drupal, one of the leading open source content management systems, is amazing. The more I learn about it the more impressed I am by the depth of thought (and amount of work) that’s gone into making it so powerful and flexible.

But, thanks to its complexity and to the large gaps and flaws in its documentation (poor documentation being a common problem with open source projects), Drupal can also be a huge time sink, frustration generator and spawner of traffic on the forums. Now, though, comes relief: “Pro Drupal Development“, by John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate, both of whom are key contributors to the Drupal project. If you’re thinking about doing anything beyond just installing Drupal and using its admin interface, get this book. It could quite likely save you weeks of trial and error.

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