domingo, 6 de mayo de 2007

Integración de pathauto con views

Advanced - Integration with Views

As you can see from the static text example, there is now a concept of directories in my blogs/greggles/my-blog-post alias. Pathauto provides an index alias feature but this is deprecated and will likely be removed in future versions. Instead you can use views to provide the same functionality. For example, if you create a view that has the page url "blogs" and that shows the teasers of all blog posts your site will now handle the If I then add an argument to that view for "Username: user is author" and select "Display all values" as the default I have created "index aliases" for my pathauto patterns. A site visitor who goes to would now see a list of teasers that were created by greggles. You can take this example even further to support the [yyyy] pattern to filter to a specific time period.

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